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A mortgage can make or break you. Everyone wants the best deal possible, but how do you know your getting it? If you go direct to a bank or building society, you are likely missing out on up to 99% of the deals available.

But, you cannot easily compare the thousands of mortgage deals yourself. You need people with the right skills and knowledge, contacts and facilities to understand your needs and translate this into a mortgage product that considers the rate, fees and all other aspects of the mortgage, to ensure it’s the right one for you and your family.

Mortgage Deals from Bright Life

First Time Buyers

The purchase of your first property is one of life’s milestones and we want it to go smoothly. It’s not just about simply applying for a mortgage – our advisers have all bought property before and know the process inside out.

We can advise and reassure every step of the way; if you have an estate agent demanding an Agreement in Principle we can do this at short notice and give them a call to calm their difficulties. If there are issues with the survey, we can advise – we are totally independent and not employed by any agents – and would not be afraid to advise pulling out if that was in your best interests.

Solicitors play a big part in the transaction but will often use legal jargon amidst an unfamiliar process, which can even be confusing for those who have been through it before. We can recommend trusted solicitors to use and can help with the conveyancing process if needed, liaising between the parties concerned.


It’s rare to be in a situation where you are better off on your lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR) rather than being on a deal. However, if you don’t get a new deal before yours runs out that’s what happens, and you could be left seriously out of pocket.

Don’t let this happen. We track all our customer’s mortgages; we understand if and when to remortgage. As a minimum you should review your mortgage deal 3 months before it is due to end. This provides the opportunity to get the right deal arranged so you can get a great deal without having to go through hoops and pay more than you need to.

Remortgage with Bright Life
Buy to Let with Bright Life

Buy To Let

Buy to Lets can be a lucrative investment, potentially providing short term returns from the rent and long-term growth through house price inflation. To make the most from your buy to let investment, you need to ensure you get the right mortgage and right advice.

We provide expert advice on all aspects of your buy to let, and at any point in the life cycle.
For most lenders, a deposit of 25% of the property value would be the required amount needed to secure a buy to let property. The lender would also want to ensure that the rent will cover the mortgage too. As a rule, you should aim to receive at least 25% more rent than the mortgage payment, to cover costs and make some profit.

You may want to consider whether you want to pay your buy to let property off over a period of time, which is likely to absorb most of the rent. Or would prefer to take the more popular interest only route which provides you a much larger regular income from your property, and you still can take a lump when you come to sell. Though, you may want to remortgage the property as its value grows purchase more buy to let properties and begin your own property empire.

Consumer Buy to Let

Consumer Buy to Let (also known as Family Buy to Let) is where someone rents a property to a family member. Because consumer buy to lets tend not to be about profit; these types of buy to lets are regulated (whereas normal buy to lets are non-regulated).

They tend also to have slightly different rules than normal Buy to Lets. Thought the lenders still look towards a 25% deposit, the monthly payments do no need to be covered by the rent. Rather, the lender will consider the purchaser’s income to ensure that mortgage can always be covered.

Consumer Buy to Lets
Self Employed Mortgage with Bright Life

Self Employed Mortgages

In reality there is no such thing as a self-employed mortgage. A mortgage is a mortgage, the difference is how you how you earn your income and intend to repay the mortgage.

For the self-employed, tight regulation and mortgage lender stress tests has had a massive impact on their ability to acquire the right mortgage.

Bright Life works with you and your accountant to help achieve your mortgage dreams. We ask the questions that you might not have thought of, like: would it be better to take an interest only mortgage and make lump sump payments when you have the capital?

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