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Welcome to Bright Life, an award winning family run Mortgage and Equity Release Broker. Our mission is to empower you with expert advice, enabling you to take charge of your financial well-being. As an independent and whole-of-market broker, we provide access to mortgage products that perfectly align with your unique requirements.

At the core of our approach lies financial resilience. We adopt a holistic strategy, not only catering to your current mortgage needs but also laying the foundation for future mortgage endeavors. This comprehensive approach saves you valuable time, money, and the potential hassle of confusion or uncertainty. We view every client as a lifelong partner on their financial journey.

We take immense pride in actively listening to your needs and offering suitable solutions tailored to your specific circumstances. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary facts and information without any pressure or persuasion, enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

Rest assured, we are committed to delivering honest and expert advice, allowing you to embrace a brighter future for the rest of your life.

The guidance and/or advice contained within this website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore targeted at consumers based in the UK.

Your Home (or property) may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debts secured on it.

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5 Star Review

“There is everything to recommend about Bright Life. It does just that! I didn’t think there was a way out of my particular problem and it was weighing me down, but just one phone call to Bright Life and I was proved wrong. An extremely friendly and helpful service that’s hard to match. Good luck Bright Life, may you go from strength to strength.”

Mrs Wright, Lancaster


Offering the right advice means getting the right information and using this effectively. We use some of the most popular, professional, and effective technology available to secure the right deal for you.


Where possible we aim to join relevant professional bodies. This demonstrates our commitment in delivering the highest quality advice and service to all our customers. 

Equity Release Council


All our Advisors are specialist in their own areas. This means they are highly knowledgeable and experienced, giving you the peace of mind when you work with us.  

Specialist Advisors

Meet Your Advisor

I am Mark Wainwright your trusted and experienced mortgage broker, dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of home financing. I am the founder and main advisor here at Bright Life and I bring extensive knowledge and personalized service to every client I serve.

As a seasoned professional in the mortgage industry, I understand that finding the right mortgage can be overwhelming. My goal is to simplify the process for you, providing expert guidance and tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and financial goals. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or looking to refinance, I am committed to securing the most favorable terms and rates for your specific circumstances.

Transparency and trust are the cornerstones of my practice. I believe in open communication and strive to ensure that my clients are well-informed throughout the entire mortgage journey.

Beyond securing your mortgage, I am committed to building lasting relationships with my clients. Even after the loan is closed, I am here to support you and provide ongoing advice and assistance whenever you need it. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I take pride in going above and beyond to ensure a smooth and stress-free mortgage experience.

Please explore our website to learn more about the services I offer and to read testimonials from satisfied clients. When you’re ready, reach out to me for a personalized consultation, and let’s begin the journey towards your homeownership dreams together.

I look forward to being your trusted mortgage advisor and helping you achieve your financial goals.

Before contacting a mortgage broker, it’s important to gather relevant information to ensure you make an informed decision. Here are some questions you might want to consider asking a mortgage broker:

What is your experience as a mortgage broker? How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the financial industry for around 10 years. I started out doing Estate Planning before Mortgages and Equity Release. I have worked with some of the biggest lenders and brokers.

Are you licensed and registered? Can you provide proof of your credentials?

Yes, please check out the Financial Conduct Authority Register. You can find me by my name or by my FCA number: 919313. I am also a member of the Equity release Council, you can find me on their approved advisor register via my name or company name. To deliver mortgage and equity release advice I hold CeMAP and CeRER qualifications.

What types of mortgage loans do you specialise in? Are you knowledgeable about the specific type of loan I’m interested in?

I have a great knowledge of most mortgage types (if I do say so myself). The areas I enjoy the most are normally around over 50’s mortgages- Its my experience that the over 50s have the least knowledge of mortgages available to them, the most prejudice and the most to gain from getting the right mortgage for them. As a company we have several niche areas we specialist and advise in.

Can you explain the mortgage application process and provide an overview of the timeline involved?

There are a few different types of mortgages, but the application process and timescales are generally similar. We will take your details and preferences for the mortgage before completing a Whole of Market mortgage review. We feed this back to you and explain what the most appropriate mortgage would be. Once we have all the relevant documentation for the lender, we make the application for you. Its normal for your solicitor to take over the legal side from here. Generally, most mortgages can be completed in 6-8 weeks however this can vary significantly depending on many factors.

How do you stay updated with current mortgage rates and trends? Are you affiliated with any specific lenders or financial institutions?

I operate an Independent, whole of Market brokerage. This means that we are not affiliated to any lenders and will review all lenders when reviewing your mortgage options. WE get a great deal of information from independent sources such as the FCA or Equity Release Council and stay up to date with industry news and regulations.

What are your fees or commission structure? How and when will I be required to pay for your services?

For most mortgages, we charge a fee of £327. This is payable at application stage. Though this is non-refundable, if the lender is unable to proceed with the mortgage we arranged for no fault of your own, then we will waive the fee to apply to the next lender. With Equity Release our fee is £927 and this is always paid on completion, normally from the release itself.

Can you provide references from past clients who have used your services successfully?

Here is a link to our Google Reviews, the best place to get testimonials from our previous clients.

Will you provide a Good Faith Estimate or Loan Estimate, which outlines the estimated costs and terms associated with the mortgage?

Yes, I am always happy to give you a flavour of what we can do for you before you commit to go with us. Generally, I like to have a chat with new clients first, get a few details and review their options before moving forward with the mortgage. This just makes sure you are happy to work with me, and that I am happy to work with you.

Can you help me identify any potential obstacles or challenges I might face during the mortgage application process?

Yes. I will be doing my upmost through the process to identify any issues you might have with your mortgage- the earlier these are caught the better the solution we can provide generally. One of the first steps would be for you to provide a credit report so we can identify any major credit barriers to your mortgage as early as possible. If I decide that you are not the right client for me, I will leave you with some advice and point you in the right direction for the support you will need.

How will you communicate with me throughout the process? Will I have a single point of contact or a team assigned to my case?

We will be able to communicate through the telephone, video conference, email and Whatsapp. I will ask you what works the best for you and look to use that method where possible. I also try to be your sole point of reference using your preferred contact method. If you become uncontactable I may ask an Admin to get in contact; but you will be dealing with me the majority of the time.

Do you offer personalised advice and guidance in selecting the right mortgage option for my specific needs and financial situation?

Yes. Everyone is unique and its important to understand you current situation and future goals to get the right mortgage and advice.

How do you handle potential conflicts of interest? Will you act as a fiduciary, putting my best interests first?

I am here for you for the long term. I want you to tell your friends and family about how brilliant I am and how much I helped you, that’s how my business grows. Putting your best interests first and making you happy you used my services perfectly align with my goals and is actually in my best interest too.  

What documentation and information will you need from me to proceed with the mortgage application?

Most banks and business societies require you to provide documentation to prove your identity and address. Normally you will need to provide images of your passport, drivers license and bank statements to do this. Where income is being assess, payslips or SA203s may be needed. Our relationship with the lenders and our robust ID and Money Laundering Checks means we can normally take digital copies, scans or even photos of your documents… meaning no risk of these been lost in the post.

Can you provide an estimate of the interest rate, monthly payments, and closing costs associated with the loan I’m considering?

Yes. With ever mortgage comes an illustration of the mortgage. This generally lays out the Terms and Conditions of the mortgage, the monthly costs, rate and all the other information pertinent to you making an informed decision regarding your mortgage choice. I will be on hand to ensure you understand all this and answer any questions you may have.

What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of working with a mortgage broker as opposed to directly approaching lenders?

Banks and Building Society will only ever show you mortgage products that they can offer you. This means by going to a Bank or Building Society Directly, you could be missing out on over 99% of other mortgage products. When I review the market, I review the Whole of the Market. Typically reviewing over 4,500 mortgages to find the one that meets your whole mortgage criteria at the lowest cost.


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A fee may be charged for mortgage advice. The exact amount will depend on your circumstances.

Your Home (or property) may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, please ask for a personalised illustration. Check that this mortgage will meet your needs if you want to move or sell your home or you want your family to inherit it. If you are in any doubt, seek independent advice.

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The guidance and/or advice contained within this website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore targeted at consumers based in the UK.